Google released several updates to its Google Apps suite on Android and soon on iOS to make it easier to work from your mobile device.

Starting with Sheets, you can now view more content in one time, when scrolling or zooming, the scrollbars will be hidden to make it easier for you to easily see the sheet content.

Plus, you can now see the existing filters in Sheets, so if a filter is applied, you can now see it, previously you couldn’t know if you’re seeing a filtered view or not.

Paste only values, formatting, and more in Sheets – Already available in Sheets on the web, the Paste special feature in the Sheets Android app allows you to copy content and then paste only the associated values, formatting, formula, data validation, or conditional formatting. You can also paste everything but borders or paste your content in a transposed order.

Let’s move on to Slides and Docs

Now in Slides, you can insert hyperlinks to your presentation right from your mobile device, and also use superscripts and subscripts in Docs and Slides  which means you now create superscript and subscript text in the Docs and Slides Android apps using the text formatting palette as shown below:

Stay tuned for more Weekly Google Apps Tips Next Week!

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